7 Biggest Change in Gaming Industry in one decade.

How Changes in Gaming industry in one Decade. #10Yearchallange

Gaming industry is booming now a day’s very quickly. Taste of gaming change to much just remind that days when gaming is only available for Xbox, PlayStation, or in pc, now everything kept in a single device you can say it “mobile”.

1o years ago everyone was talking that gaming industry will be dead but after huge technological change it have come on a different path, quality of games increase, more all other genres are covered, new technology comes in existence which will give us experience of visual reality. If you have remembered “street fighter” you can realize what change has been come in game media.

1. Gaming Users was Faced Some Problems Before a Decade

The basic problem of that day was buying a game. Due to low speed of internet it was hard to download a game.  You was need courage to download a game which Used to take more than a day, more problem was arise when you fail

Second problem was buying serial keys for any game or software. Gamers and hacker,s cracked game as its solution. But the worst thing on it is that crack version can affect performance of your computer. It is also possible to get your device get infected by virus or malware.

Steam gaming is make this stuff easy, all this game are stored in a single store where you can buy game and play. Steams have changed the way of playing game. There have many other features added by steam on which we will talk later.

Changes In Gaming, 10 Year challenge, Gaming Users


2. Gaming came on internet

At some point of time internet was not available for all. Fast expansion of internet open all the ways for gaming industry. It takes only an hour to download a game.

Due to internet many gaming site have been come in existence on which you can get serial key for your favorite game and software on that sites.

Here are the List of Top Gaming Serial Key Providers:

  1. SCDkey

  2. Kinguin

  3. GamesDeal

  4. Gamexs

Internet changed the culture of gaming. It makes a ground for Gamers and developers on which they can directly interact with each other. Internet makes it possible to play games on any device. You just need WiFi or cellular connectivity.

Due to internet game are cheaper than before, the distribution cost of games have decrease. You can sell a game or promote it on internet with low cost.

Changes In Gaming, 10 Year challenge, Gaming Users

3. Changes in Gaming Hardware & Software Technology

Gaming technology growing rapidly. New technology come in front of us. Better hardware has built for high performance on 4k gaming experiences.

At 2009 “ATI Rader 5970” was the best graphics card for gaming but that is not enough for today’s high definition games. We need better hardware for playing game of this time.

We have now high performance graphics card available on market like “Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080“.if you want to buy graphics card or any gaming gadgets we prefer gaming hardware site. New graphics card takes less powers consumption than before with high bandwidth, High Texel and pixel rate.

Good thing is that we can experience 3D Graphics on game with gadgets like “VR Headset” this was not possible before a decade. Gaming technology also add “face recognition” and “voice command” during gaming.

A 3D Camera can scan your face and make a character. By this tech you can make your own character in game. Even you can control game by your voice command.

Artificial intelligence is a part of gaming from the beginning. Earlier when you play computer games, computer used to play against you. You can easily defeat computer by knowing its moving pattern of playing. But now artificial intelligence are improved and works on changing pattern of moving. For more gadgets shopping visit:

  1. Dealextreme
  2. Gadgets Now
  3. Gadgets.in

Change in gaming, 10 yr Challenge, Gaming user

4. Change in Gamers Social Experiences

Gaming industry Use internet it’s much better to grow itself. Whose main credit goes to “steam”. Steams enhanced gamers’ interest gaming online. You have a personal computer you could play with or against your friends.

It also increases behavior of voice conversation during game. Online gaming gave functionality of Automatic game updation, making groups, cloud saving and chat functionality.

Playing games will make you creative you seen many new things on a game which will give you an idea about different things gaming is now a part on social media you can find a game section which means peoples are interested toward gaming, on you tube you can see many gaming channels where you get idea about tip and trick to pass any level.

You can even join chat rooms for talking with other gamers if you stuck on any level. You can take advice from them. They can help you to get out of there.

The important change comes on sales technique. Developers does not sale whole game they sell it in part as level character, add-ons, as per choice of gamers.

Before internet you were need special education for making a game. Now a kid can make small games from scraps, largest gaming companies are organised gaming competition for promotion of gaming media.


5. Transformation on Mobile Gaming Industry

Before we were playing game on Xbox, Computer or else in Play stations. Everyone cannot afford these expensive devices. That is the reason; gaming industry is move toward mobile devices.

Nokia n 75 was an most famous mobile gaming device of that time, but you can only play some limited game on it which is also on low graphics, but today you feel weak on gaming on it.  You can find that today phone companies’ launches gaming based mobile devices.

PUBG and Clash of clans are the most popular game of this time. The important impact on moving of game industry in mobile world is that it also attracts other generes of gaming like role playing, sports, and puzzle & strategy genres.

The reality is that increasing interest on gaming among people through which is the business of gaming reach at its dimensions.

Focusing on gamers comfort gaming industry. They has started creating gadgets for gamers to make even more easy gaming on mobile so that the gaming experience can be increased further.

Now you do not need to take a Gaming console, PC, or PlayStation to play a game. This feature is now available on mobile screen.

Change in gaming, 10 yr Challenge, Gaming user

6. Multiplayer Gaming Industry On High Popularity

Interaction between person to person during gaming is possible. Before some years you can play with your friends every Gamers is its own skill and have different gaming style games can help you to making strategy on games with friends.

Gamers buy a game and played until its end. Again he buy another game , now the gaming industry change its pattern on gaming they just make Endless game like “counter strike” to last over engagement of gamer with games. There is no level on games. You can only survive because of your skill.


7. Story Based Games are More Engaging

If you have been playing games for many years, then you must know about “Gear of wars 2”.  It is a military science fiction game on which there is a great evidence of storytelling.

The story of the battle of military with “locust Horde” was coined. That wholes means that story on game would attach gamer to a game emotionally. This emotional attachment to the game helps Gamer to feel the game.

Gamers always choose a character on which he sees his presence himself on story of the game. That’s the important part of success of a game. A good story can help to remember the scene of game he played.

There are some games which is made on documentary basis they place story of wars on game

Developing a game is more like making a film. Like every other film a huge amount of cost occurs. Even an individual character is created as well in that role; clothes, hair, etc. are also designed keeping in mind.

Change in gaming, 10 yr Challenge, Gaming user

Final Verdicts: 

There is a big change in the gaming industry. Technology will grow in the near future and better way we can take gaming experience.


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