“Rose day is not just a festival, this is an emotion which we express to our Valentine”

Rose Day, Long Distance Relation, Valentine Week, Valentine Day Gift, Rose

 Long distance Relation

Long distance Relationship hurt but it is the best way to prove your love, Long distance is very hurtful when you can’t meet with her for long time or sometime you can’t talk with her but the thing is that it is the chance to proof your love in front of her.

Valentine week is starting with rose day how can you make it special that she always remembers these days. How can you make a rose such special How your rose is different than other? If everyone is giving rose to he.What can you do for your valentine?

Rose is not long lasting it fade in some days, the color of that rose will be faded and any of the books will be lying within. Give her Rose which will she kept forever with her, and make your love long lasting.

There are some customized special rose ideas for Rose Day that definitely make her feel special and she impressed with your DIY Gift idea.

Rose Day Enchanted Rose:

Definitely you heard about the film “Beauty and Beast”. If you seen that film you can definitely seen rose on the film.  Enchanted flowers are costly on somehow. You can make it your own there are some simple steps of making enchanted rose:

Rose Day, Long Distance Relation, Valentine Week, Valentine Day Gift, Rose

Step1. Take Special Rose Day flower:

Take a Beautiful Rose for making enchanted rose. Pick fresh and colorful Rose. After this whole process color of Rose will fade. Therefore choose rose carefully.

Step2. Arrange Equipment:

You what you should need to make Beautiful enchanted rose

  1. Round shape jar: Take transparent Glass or hard plastic jar.  Rose will be visible in glass jar
  2. Wooden Plate: you can use wooden plate as base of your surprise gift
  3. Other Materials: Glue, LED Lights,

Step3. Rose Making process:

  You can reserve Rose by many method like:

  1. Glycerin-Dip flower half on mixture of 2:1 water and glycerin replace water on flower
  2. Natural drying– you can preserve it by hanging flowers on low light dry place
  3. Microwave drying: First dry that flower on open environment for couple of days. After drying, cover the flower with paper towel and put it in microwave in low temperature.
  4. Sand drying: put flower on box of sand and cover it fully Left the flower for 10-15 days. It will remove moisturizer from rose.
  5. Paraffin wax: Dip flower in Paraffin wax for couple of days. So that coating forms on flower. It is not permanent, method but you can reserve flower for some week.
  6. Silica gel: take a box put flower and cover it with Silica gel. After 2-6 days take flower gently from out of box.

There are many methods of making flower long lasting. You can even use artificial flower. Artificial flower are long lasting and it will be kept safe forever. It looks same as original flower.

  1. Make a hole in middle of box.
  2. Fix flower on that hole and fix it with glue.
  3. Cover Rose with Jar and fix it with glue.

Step4. Decorate:

It look much beautiful if you decorate it. You can also decorate it through LED light which will give Amazing look at night.

“Long distance is just a word, your relation will be strong by your commitment and love.”

Rose Day Flower Cubes Crystal:  

You can make easy crystal flower cube for your Soul mate this is easy as you think. You can make flower cube for without any hustle.

Rose Day, Long Distance Relation, Valentine Week, Valentine Day Gift, Rose


First you need to know what you want to make for her. Is that a necklace, ring, Earrings, any Jewelry, or flower bouquet?  Definitely you know her choice what thing feel her surprisingly special.


Collect all This required material you need to make resin Flower gift Like:

  1. Resin: Resin is a chemical substance look like glue or wax it will convert into rigid substance by curing.
  2. Gloves: You need gloves for safety. Resin is not harmful but it rigid quickly.
  3. Flower: Choose Flower for making ornament or gift.
  4. Mold: you need mold to make resin in shape, chose
  5. Other: polythene sheet,


Making Process is too easy to make resin Flower Gift

  1. Wear Gloves: Resin get rigid quickly. And seems adhesive so, it’s better to wear gloves,
  2. Take mold and keep it over the polythene.
  3. Put resin on half of mold
  4. Dip flower on it and wait for drying
  5. After curing make design on it and again pack full mold with resin.
  6. When it dries out, leave the polythene behind it.

Now you can make many gifts like this for her,like ring, Bangle, earring, locket she really like your flower idea.

Step4. Tips:

This gift can be more special for her if you give it with a letter in which you can tell her about the moments you spend with her and write your feelings what you feel for her.Or you can give her any personalized gift to her

Rose Day Flower Pot DIY:

We think it is a best gift for her. Flower can be kept forever on flower pot. As the plant grown day by day, your love will increase as well.

Rose Day, Long Distance Relation, Valentine Week, Valentine Day Gift, Rose


Take a Flower pot and collect all the required material, through which you can make gift for her. But be sure that flowerpot is small; It can be easily portable so that it can keep it with her.


Arrange equipment:

  1. Flower pot: You need to take a flower pot to grow a flower plant.
  2. Marine Glass: Aquarium glass for Decorating Flower pot.
  3. Wax: Make Decorative material adhesive.
  4. Paint: coloring flower pot.
  5. Color stone: You need color stone for decorate you flower pot.

Step3. Making Process:

  1. Take flower pot and paint it with tiles or wall paint. Wait 4-5 hour to make it drying.
  2. Take colorful Marine Glass and sticks it on the pot with wax.
  3. Cover whole pot with marine glass stone or you can use any other decorating item to decorate your flower pot.
  4. Now take a flower plant on the pot and cover soil with color stones.
  5. Now put water in the plant, because now your gift is ready

Step4. Additional:

Get more Flower pot idea or you want to buy customized gift for her. For getting all discounted Flowers And Gift items Click

Rose Day Origami Flower:

Origami is an art of making DIY with Papers. Its a craft of making toys with papers. Origami Means folding a paper. Origami art is in lovable part of japans culture.

Rose Day, Long Distance Relation, Valentine Week, Valentine Day Gift, Rose

Step1. Collect required material:

Making origami is an easy art of making gift you just need simple thing like:

  1. Origami paper: for making 13-15 petals of flower
  2. Green color Paper Tape: for making stem of flower
  3. Green color Origami paper: for making leaves
  4. Scissor, 30-40 Cm Stick:

Step2. Making Process:

  1. Cut paper with Scissor in shape of flower petal.
  2. For making stem cover stick with green dark paper tape
  3. Fold that paper on curvy shape from top of petal
  4. Paste that petals on stick until it covered.
  5. Your flower is ready now cut green color origami paper as leaves size.
  6. Paste that leaves on Flower stick.
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You Origami flower is ready .you can give this flower with chocolate or any gift. origami Rose Make Your Rose day Amazing with Amazing gift idea, and make every moment memorable for her. she will be happy to get this unique ideas.


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